This site deals with “mature themes” and imagery in more ways than one! Content is frank and subject matter may be challenging for some.

Definitely not intended for underage readers.

Distilled to convey the primary yet intertwined themes of Creativity, Sexuality and Death, the links you discover on my pages may prove challenging, especially but not only, in the thick of a pandemic.

The Pages and sub pages reflect my perspectives and some of my broader concerns and interests as I journey through later life. They are presented here as means of sharing useful and hopefully thought provoking resources. While I’ve distributed my selected links across my three main topics it’s surprising how often they want to cross over…

The BAdhareart Blog is much more personal, offering tales and imagery related to my day to day creativity, memories, joys, sorrows and occasionally desires. Unlike many of the posts on my previous blog, this writing is not specifically intended to titillate.

Selected writing originally published on my previous Midnight at the Oasis however have been edited and relocated to Indigo’s Writing site. The writing on this new site consists of thoughts and experiences on serious topics as well as the previously familiar erotic short stories and poetry.

By all means you are welcome to visit, and constructive comments/debate are appreciated, but please keep my warning in mind and leave if you feel uncomfortable.

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