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I am an artist who is struggling to systematically make art for the first time in around ten years. Engaging in photography, modelling for/with two friends and blogging started the process of creative re-engagement in 2017-18, followed by a whirlwind trip to the UK and parts of Europe in late 2018.  The drawing below foreshadowed... Continue Reading →

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Rust Never Sleeps (2)

I went for a walk with a friend today up through an industrial estate on the urban fringe. Lots of discarded industrial waste and rusting memorabilia for our photographic delight. The skies were threatening, but we made it back without getting wet.

The Green Jacket

I've had this jacket for some years, though rarely get to wear it. I wore it recently as part of a costume for a photoshoot with my creative companion and friend, photographer CM. At one point I hung it on the wall and took a couple of casual shots with my iPhone. This is the... Continue Reading →

Blind photography

When I was first diagnosed with Macular Degeneration I immediately began to consider how I could continue to make art in some form. To my surprise there is a growing presence of blind or vision impaired photographers and experimental techniques out on the web. This article on CNN Style features a story about photographer Pete... Continue Reading →

Testing, testing

I've agreed to take part in an art exhibition at the end of the year. The exhibition is a collaborative effort with contributors working in groups of three around a common theme. The theme is the Nina Simone version of "Feeling Good". My fellow artists and I began with an agreement to work in circles... Continue Reading →


As part of a drastically revised lifestyle since my recent health issues I'm walking nearly every day. Averaging 7km each time, which is quite a change in activity for me. As it's late Autumn here there's windswept beauty everywhere and I'm storing up memory against the time when my vision is no longer viable. Here's... Continue Reading →


Before Easter, I noticed a forthcoming pre-auction "open house" for this largely derelict residence and obtained permission from the real estate agent to photograph inside. I  arrived ten minutes before the viewing time and had free run of the 1940's building for a short while.  

Rust Never Sleeps

In recent months I've switched alters from Indigo to Hare as I've moved deeper into photography, alone and in collaboration with my dear friend and creative companion, CM. As my interests have become more manifest CM has rechristened me from Hare to Rust Whore - a name I quite enjoy. So here's some recent rust... Continue Reading →

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